Dolores Photo contest

The GoDolores Photo Contest, co-hosted by Senna Social Media and the Dolores Chamber of Commerce


  • Only one (1) photo entry per person per day. Posts with multiple photos will be disqualified
  • Photos must be posted as PUBLIC within your Facebook or Instagram page, and be taken within this year (2018). Post date will determine which contest period you will be entered in.
  • In order for us to find your photo, ALL 3 of the following hashtags must be used within the body of your post: #DoloresColorado #ColoradoLive #GoDolores
  • Also, Tag the @DoloresChamber
  • Within Montezuma County, you can submit any OUTDOOR activity photo, like hiking, biking, boating, fishing, ATV, hunting, camping, etc. 
  • Within the Dolores zip code 81323, you can submit ANY TYPE of activity photo, indoors or outdoors. Like shopping, dining, camping, picnicking, farming, events, site seeing, etc.
  • It must be obvious that the photo was taken in our area, so selfies without being able to see the background will not qualify.
  • By submitting your photo to the contest, you are giving us permission to use and display it as we see fit. We will always give due credit to the photographer or a link back to the original source.

The Winning Photos

  • There will be three (3) winners chosen, one from each round of dates
  • First round: June 16 - July 15
  • Second round: July 16 - August 15
  • Third and final round: August 16 - October 15
  • Winners will be determined by the greatest number of likes or loves of their photo entry within each round, from those that have adhered to the rules given.
  • Senna Social Media and the Dolores Chamber will be giving each winner one-hundred (100) Dolores Dollars, good at most Dolores shopping locations. Each Dolores dollar is good towards one USD worth of services or merchandise. 
  • Winners will also be featured in upcoming posts and this web page, with an optional personal photo attached. Winners may also submit a backstory to their winning photo to share.

Photo Entries - Round Three

Senna Social Media

Dolores Chamber of Commerce